1) "Yogeshbhai Thank you very much for everything, you made everything so clear that we felt we fully understood the meaning behind the ritual. you made my husband so confident and comfortable that he was able to deliver his vows in Sanskrit something he is still very proud of it . everyone enjoyed the day as it was very engaging, informative and special. It was the perfect pace and length, and very peaceful. I especially applaud your good sense of humor and consideration for guests who are unfamiliar with some of the marriage traditions".


2) "Yogesgbhai performed our son wedding on March 2011 the Royal Albert Place in Edison, Nj.He performed the marriage ceremony step-by-step according to our Brahmin tradition, in exactly the way as it is done . our family heartily thank Yogesh bhai their help and cooperation.

Shah family

3) "I am very happy with Shri yogeshbhai services. He not only did pooja but also explained why we need to do and reasons behind them. He has vast knowledge about our dharmas and religious and puranas. I will not think a second to use his services again".


4) "We are very happy with Shri Yogeshbhai services. He did a great job in performing Navchandi .He dosen't rush the pooja. He takes his time to complete pooja and also explained what he is doing and why he is doing. Me and my family are very much pleased with his services. He is very patient and tries to justify every one without disappointing them. I will always re-use his services. He has vast knowledge about our dharma's and religious and puranas".!


5) "Hi Joshi bhai, thank you very much for the Grah Shanti ceremony for my daughter Racna. The ceremony was enjoyed by everyone and your friendliness was appreciated. It all made for a pleasant day". So many thanks


6) "Yogesh Joshi is a very well guru to our family, he has performed various religious prayers at our house. He is a man of GOD who is serving the purpose to help others. Yogeshbhai's blessing has done well for our family and his true devotion to his profession is a valuable. Not to many people one comes across, but Yogeshbhai has been there for us. Thank you Yogeshbahi and you are always a welcome addition to our family".

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